Project Description

It is the perfect time to invest your time in training to become a pilot in India as the aviation market is now looking up and is expected to experience a positive growth. We have some more important aviation career solutions to offer

Airline Preparation

Redbird welcomes all the candidates who want to undergo for a CPL theory refresher course. Not only it helps you to refresh your knowledge and clear your doubts, but also helps one for the airline preparation for written exams. Technical and non-technical aspects of the theory will be discussed and covered by our experienced and qualified instructors together with planning and coordination to help an individual to clear an exam.

Interview / Group Discussion

Interview is basically an interaction with interviewer (One on one Interview or group of interviews) where you will be judged on the basis of as follows:

  • Your personality and career related questions.
  • General technical questions.
  • Company specific and general awareness questions.
  • Tricky questions based on situation awareness, aptitude and reasoning.

Keeping all the things as said above, Redbird Aviation prepared an extensive module where an individual will be prepared and accessed for cracking the interview

Compass / Instrument Rating Practise

Nowadays every airline selects candidates on the basis of their knowledge, skill and interview for the purpose of recruitment or hiring, Skill based test generally known as COMPASS contains a series of skills test to determine candidate’s response in a given situation.

Redbird Aviation excels in preparing our students for the COMPASS not only by practice but also by guiding them to crack the examination with the help of tips and shortcuts to enhance their skills.

Hour Building Flying 

You may book a slot with us to build-up hours to maintain recency of your license or you can fly because you love flying.

CPL, ATPL and other license renewal

The check-rides to make your license and ratings current can be successfully conducted at Redbird by in-house instructors and examiners.