Project Description

Redbird Aviation is one of the few Pilot Training Institutes which not only provides Ground Classes and Flying training but also prepares the students for their future in Aviation. Training on the flight simulators in an important step in attaining one’s dream of becoming a pilot and flying high in the skies.

The facility is equipped with A320 Fixed Base Simulator and Alsim ALX Simulator at Gurugram, Haryana.

Our students train on DGCA approved Level 5 FTD Simulators with a provision to train on Single and multi-engine aircraft simulators based in our simulator facility.

Alsim ALX-89 Simulator

The Alsim ALX-89 Simulator is DGCA and EASA qualified for following:

  • Pre-Flight Ground Training
  • Procedural training.
  • Flight Navigation.
  • Instrument Flying Training.
  • CPL Instrument Flying Training on:
    1. Single Engine Piston (SEP) flight model (classic instrumentation)
    2. Single Engine Piston (SEP) flight model (EFIS instrumentation)
    3. Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) flight model (classic instrumentation)
    4. Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) flight model (EFIS instrumentation)
  • Bridge Course from Flying Lighter to Big Jets.
  • Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) & Jet Induction Training on:

1.     Medium category twin turbo-prop flight model (EFIS instrumentation)

2.     Medium category twin turbo-fan flight model (EFIS instrumentation)

A 320 Simulator

A320 Simulator helps our students who wish to pursue their career with A320 Type Rating or are due for Sim checks with airlines. Practise sessions can be availed for:

  • Procedure Training.
  • Instrument Training.
  • Visual Circuit Training.
  • Cockpit familiarization.
  • Take-off and Landing practice.
  • Airline Sim Check preparation